I know this blog has been sorely lacking umm…me, lately, but I have good reasons. For starters, I have a wife that exists beyond the computer screen that I enjoy spendig with, as many of you know. But more importantly, I’ve been hustling, trying to finish up essays for Tin House and Oxford American, both of which I am very excited about and the editors seem pleased with. But on top of all that, the deadlines for those pieces have collided with some photographs I made being selected as part of the White Center Art Walk. My pictures will hang on the walls of Big Al Brewing, this Saturday, November 21, 6-9 p.m.

Most of you will be shocked to learn that I take photos. Let me just say that I have always been a visual person at heart and that my interest in the camera coincided with the year I turned 30 (2009), the year I finally admitted that I was tired of myself and what I did, and that needed to see the world anew.

I haven’t been this excited in a while, so below you’ll find the Art Walk flyer featuring one of my images. Following that are five of my personal favorites that will be on display this week. Would love to see you all there!